Abbildung: We
Abbildung: We Abbildung: We Abbildung: We Abbildung: We Abbildung: We Abbildung: We Abbildung: We

Bound in Surbalin Perleffert paper printed with a design by the artist. 240 pages. Frontispiece and 5 black & white illustrations. Lenticular design slipcase..



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Written in 1921 and banned in its native Russia until 1988, We is a uniquely prophetic dystopian satire, fearlessly excoriating the very concept of censorship and predicting the rise of Stalinism. George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four and Brave New World by Aldous Huxley both stand as foundation stones of science-fiction literature, but neither might have existed without this remarkable book. In the far-future city of OneState, happiness has been reduced to a simple equation: remove freedom and choice, and create contentment for all. Celebrated mathematician D-503 fully embraces the rule of the all-powerful Benefactor until the beautiful and mysterious I-330 comes into his life. A dangerous revolutionary, she throws the strict rhythms of his existence into chaos, and soon D-503 finds himself diagnosed with that most degrading of ancient diseases – the ownership of a soul.

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