Abbildung: Ubik
Abbildung: Ubik Abbildung: Ubik

Introduced by Kim Stanley Robinson, illustrated by La Boca, bound in blocked vinyl-coated paper, frontispiece and 6 colour illustrations, printed endpapers, die-cut slipcase with printed insides, 224 pages.



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“Do you have vital information that needs to stay secret? Runciter Associates are here to protect your privacy!” The world of warring psychic agencies is a cut-throat one. Joe Chip realises just how savage it can get when his boss is murdered in an explosion. But the problems are only just beginning. Why are the employees receiving cryptic messages from their dead boss? Why does reality seem to be collapsing? And does it have anything to do with their newest colleague, a girl with a psi talent unlike anything they’ve ever seen? Ubik is the culmination of Dick’s key obsessions: false identity, the fight against entropy, the breakdown of reality. Features bold hypnotic illustrations by independent art studio La Boca.

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