Bound in cloth, blocked in gold and green with a design based on the endpapers from the 1911 edition. Set in Bulmer. 8 original full-page colour paintings by Charles Robinson, Bound in cloth, blocked in gold and green with a design based on the endpapers.

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'She held back the swinging curtain of ivy and pushed back the door which opened slowly - slowly ... She was standing inside the secret garden' Thin, pale and haughty, 10-year-old Mary Lennox is determined to hate everything about her new life at Misselthwaite Manor, just as she had hated everything about her over-indulged life in India. But it is not long before the Yorkshire air puts colour in her cheeks, plain food adds flesh to her bones, and the forthright chatter of her maid, Martha, stirs new feelings of interest and affection in Mary. For Misselthwaite Manor holds two mysteries, a strange unhappy crying in the night and a walled garden with a door locked and forgotten for ten years. On the day a robin shows Mary where the key lies buried, the Magic begins ... 'It was the sweetest, most mysterious-looking place anyone could imagine.' Frances Hodgson Burnett remembered such a garden from her own childhood, and turned it, fifty years later, into one of the most popular of children's books. The characters are eternal - gruff Ben Weatherall, motherly Susan and the 'Yorkshire angel', Dickon, who has a special way with wild creatures. Burnett's novel is a paean to the joys of the outdoors, revelling equally in the fresh winds of the moors or a pale green crocus shoot pushing its way from the earth. In this beautiful evocation of a garden's enchantment is a heartfelt belief that the healing power of nature will transform children and adults alike. It is this that makes The Secret Garden so uplifting - a book, according to bestselling children's author Gillian Cross, 'that has everything'. Illustrated by one of the most accomplished artists of the golden age of children's illustration, Charles Robinson. His exquisite images capture all the 'Magic' the Misselthwaite children are so sure will make them live 'forever and ever' - as they do in these timeless pictures.

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