Abbildung: The Illustrated Man
Abbildung: The Illustrated Man Abbildung: The Illustrated Man

Introduced by Margaret Atwood, bound in metallic buckram printed with a design by the artist, set in Berling, 216 pages, frontispiece and 5 colour illustrations by Marc Burckhardt, blocked slipcase..

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This is Ray Bradbury at his very best, 16 startling tales drawn together by a breathtaking unifying conceit — the narrator is watching each story swirl magically to life on the tattooed body of a sinister carnival freak. Bradbury battled to avoid being pigeon-holed as a sci-fi writer, and ’science‘ remains in the background of his extraordinary tales, whose true focus is what he called the ’odd corners‘ of the human psyche. Thus, Bradbury takes us far beyond the realms of traditional sci-fi, to warn us of the dangers of forgetting our fundamental humanity. In an insightful introduction, Margaret Atwood explores Bradbury‘s unique talent and how his work has influenced her own writing.

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