Abbildung: The Dispossessed
Abbildung: The Dispossessed Abbildung: The Dispossessed Abbildung: The Dispossessed

Bound in printed and blocked cloth, 376 pages, 14 integrated illustrations (8 of which are duotone, 6 greyscale), including 1 full-page illustration and 2 double-page spreads, printed endpapers, printed slipcase.



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Wise, complex and thrilling, The Dispossessed is the sort of science fiction only Le Guin could have written; her abiding interest in anthropology and human nature summons worlds that inspire total belief from her readers, and she gives no easy answers to the many questions that the book poses. Within the timeline of Le Guin's celebrated series the Hainish Cycle, The Dispossessed is chronologically the first volume. For this unique illustrated edition, artist David Lupton worked closely with the author’s son, Theo Downes-Le Guin, to recreate the twin worlds of Le Guin’s imagination, Urras and Anarres, and her revolutionary scientist, Shevek, while the endpapers feature maps of the two planets. In his introduction, Professor Brian Attebery discusses the multiple meanings that can be gleaned from The Dispossessed, and its continuing relevance, observing that, ‘whatever we think it is saying, it might well say something new tomorrow’.

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