Abbildung: The Comedians
Abbildung: The Comedians Abbildung: The Comedians Abbildung: The Comedians

Bound in cloth, blocked with a design by Sara Ogilvie. Set in Garamond with Gill Sans display. 328 pages with 9 integrated black & white illustrations, 3 double-page spreads..

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Set in 1960s Haiti, this darkly comic thriller is introduced by award-winning journalist Francis Wheen.


Three men with ‘interchangeable’ names meet aboard a Haitian-bound cruise ship – Smith, the naive American; ‘Major’ Jones, the confidence man; and Brown, the directionless hotelier. Graham Greene’s darkly comic thriller – set among the bougainvillaea, bordellos and crumbling hotels of 1960s Haiti – begins like a bad joke. Yet as their ship approaches the island’s poverty-stricken shoreline, these three ‘comedians’ are thrust into a world that is all too real; a world of Voodoo, half-truths and insurgencies, and the dreaded Tonton Macoute, the ruthless paramilitary wielded by the infamous dictator, François ‘Papa Doc’ Duvalier.

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