Abbildung: Night
Abbildung: Night Abbildung: Night Abbildung: Night

Nobel Peace Prize for Elie Wiesel Translated by Marion Wiesel, foreword by Francois Mauriac, illustrated with works by Holocaust artists, bound in blocked cloth, frontispieces and ten colour illustrations, blocked slipcase, 168 pages.

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Elie Wiesel’s account of his experiences as a teenager during the Holocaust is a memoir of prodigious power. Wiesel was 15 when his family was transported to Auschwitz; his mother and younger sister were killed on arrival and he was left with his father to endure the brutal regime of camp life. With a quiet elegance and strength, Wiesel writes of his desperate efforts to keep himself and his father alive, switching roles and taking on the mantle of protector and provider. An incredible piece of history, Night remains one of the most important and poignant of all accounts of the Holocaust.

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