Abbildung: Mostly Harmless - Hitchhiker 5
Abbildung: Mostly Harmless Abbildung: Mostly Harmless Abbildung: Mostly Harmless

Illustrated by Jonathan Burton, bound in glittered cloth, blocked with a design by the artist, set in Sabon, frontispiece and 7 colour illustrations, plain slipcase, 232 pages..

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Having lost Fenchurch in an incomprehensible hyperspace accident, Arthur Dent has settled on the remote planet of Lamuella, finally doing something he’s halfway decent at: making sandwiches. His peace is shattered by the unexpected arrival of his daughter Random, and then made infinitely worse by Ford Prefect, who has learned of something even more unpredictable than a teenage girl – a new, sinister version of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. The Guide MK II is slick, endlessly helpful and may just destroy the multiverse. No time for sandwiches, then.

The final book in the Hitchhiker series finds Adams’s prescient genius in overdrive, proposing mind-bending theories of time-travel and alternate realities. As ever, his conjectures about the future of technology are extraordinary, but Mostly Harmless also addresses another of Adams’s interests. Two years before writing the novel, Adams wrote and presented a BBC documentary series called Last Chance to See, in which he travelled to various locations in search of animals on the brink of extinction. His passion for endangered species is apparent in this final book, as Arthur encounters all manner of strange animals, from boghogs and pikka birds to Perfectly Normal Beasts – wildlife that is often unpleasant and baffling, but always, Adams suggests, worth saving.

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