Abbildung: Kindred

Introduced by Tananarive Due, illustrated by James E. Ransome, bound in blocked paper, 7 colour illustrations (including one double-page spread), printed slipcase, 296 pages.

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In 1976 Dana Franklin is an aspiring writer, in 1815, Dana is a slave, her life as brutal and precarious as any black woman’s in the antebellum South … Dana is ripped back and forth through time to save the life of Rufus Weylin, the son of a wealthy slave owner. Their lives are inexplicably bound to each other, and Dana’s decisions will have far-reaching consequences. This thriller asks the bigger questions: what do we owe the past? And what are the consequences of the worst acts of human barbarity? Octavia E. Butler, award-winning African American author, peels back the borders of science fiction to reveal new, uncomfortable horizons. Artist James E. Ransome provides a series of emotive illustrations.

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