Abbildung: I, Robot
Abbildung: I, Robot Abbildung: I, Robot Abbildung: I, Robot Abbildung: I, Robot

Bound in cloth, blocked with a design by the artist Alex Wells, frontispiece and 6 colour illustrations, plain slipcase, 256 pages..

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Isaac Asimov began his career in magazines such as Amazing Stories, writing numerous acclaimed works of science fiction and eventually going on to win the Hugo Award four times and the Nebula Award once. But Asimov was more than one of the greatest science-fiction writers of his age. His concepts and ideas – particularly his 'Three Laws of Robotics', the rules designed to govern robot behaviour – would go on to inspire and influence the real-world development of artificial intelligence in countless ways.

In his introduction to this edition, robotics engineer and novelist Daniel H. Wilson describes the influence of Asimov’s fictional vision of the future. Whether coining the term ‘robotics’ (which he does in one of the I, Robot short stories) or inspiring Joseph Engelberger and George Devel to construct the first robotic arm, Asimov’s gift, Wilson writes, was to ‘lift our eyes to the horizon; to show us worlds worth living in’.

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