Abbildung: I Am Legend
Abbildung: I Am Legend Abbildung: I Am Legend Abbildung: I Am Legend Abbildung: I Am Legend

Introduced by Joe Hill, illustrated by Dave McKean, bound in printed and blocked cloth with a design by the artist, seven colour and four black and white illustrations plus illustrated headings, slipcase, 208 pages.

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Robert Neville is the last man left alive but his days and nights are far from empty. A plague borne on clouds of dust has killed much of humanity and resurrected them as vampires, and Neville has devoted his daylight hours to exterminating the monsters. At night he barricades himself in his home and listens to the men and women who were once his neighbours howl for his blood. How long can a man’s sanity last in such conditions? I Am Legend is ultimately asking the terrifying question: who is the real monster here? Richard Matheson is the most elebrated occupant of that dark alley where horror meets science fiction.

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