Bound in paper printed with a design by Joe McLaren, printed full colour throughout with 12 double-page illustrations, ribbon marker, 144 pages.

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Illustrations are intrinsic to Folio editions and the 2019 Diary is an art gallery displaying beautiful illustrations that have been published in our books over the past year. Each month begins with a stunning full-page image and the following week-to-view spreads explore some of its incredible detail, with vignettes on every page. The year begins with one of the Balbusso Twins’ stunning graphic illustrations from our new edition of Atlas Shrugged; an industrial cityscape with glamorous overtones. Victo Ngai’s sensual scene from the limited edition Kama Sutra is reproduced in February, with Valentine’s Day in mind, while March has a sci-fi theme with a Kit Russell duotone from We. The year progresses with a 1930s’ inspired woodcut from Harry Brockway and a disquieting image from The Folio Book of Horror Stories. Finally, we bring our artistic year to a close with a dreamlike Yuko Shimizu illustration from Japanese Tales.

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