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Introduced by Fay Weldon, illustrated by Sam Wolfe Connelly, bound in metallic cloth, blocked with a design by Sam Wolfe Connelly, set in Baskerville with Trajan display, frontispiece and 9 colour illustrations, blocked slipcase, 448 pages..

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‘I am going to take a heroine whom nobody but myself will much like,’ wrote Jane Austen when beginning Emma in January 1814. In this she was proved wrong. Pride and Prejudice may be her most famous novel, Persuasion her most deeply affecting, but for many, Emma is Austen’s best novel; the most perfectly balanced between comedy and insight, sparkle and depth. Witty, headstrong Emma Woodhouse, more interested in making matches for others than falling in love herself, is a wholly delightful heroine. The secondary characters – the impressionable Harriet, egotistical Mr Elton and Emma’s gentle, hypochondriac father – are just as unforgettable.

‘A mature and brilliant comedy of manners’

Appearing in 1815, Emma was Jane Austen’s fourth published novel, written in a burst of confidence following the success of Sense and Sensibility and Pride and Prejudice. This Folio edition, published to celebrate the novel’s bicentenary, features a new introduction by Fay Weldon, whose Letters to Alice: On First Reading Jane Austen’s Fictionhas become a classic introduction to Austen’s works. In it, Weldon describes how ‘a hint of success and a whiff of praise’ may have helped bring Austen to the peak of her powers as an artist. ‘In pleasing herself she wrote a truly modern novel fifty years in advance of its time, in which the writer acts, feels and thinks like her protagonist, and the disbelief of the reader is happily suspended.’

Sam Wolfe Connelly is a young American artist who previously illustrated the Folio edition of The Great Gatsby. In his illustrations, he captures the grace and elegance of the period, and the way in which the smallest gestures could have the greatest significance. This edition is presented in a metallic blue slipcase, with the novel’s famous first line blocked in gold type on the front cover.

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