Bound in cloth, blocked with a design by Don Yeomans Set in Arno Pro and Cronos Pro 560 pages, integrated colour and black & white images 6 newly commissioned illustrations Printed endpapers and blocked slipcase..

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In her introduction, acclaimed author Margaret Atwood describes A Story as Sharp as a Knife as a ‘book of wonders’, one that ‘opens locked doors, it reveals vistas, it illuminates’. For this Folio edition the Haida artist Don Yeomans was commissioned to create 6 original pieces of artwork, one to sit at the opening of each chapter and a frontispiece. These vibrant images, steeped in Haida culture, along with researched photographs of people, places and artefacts, are another opened door, revealing the rich mythological landscape of the Haida people.

For more than a thousand years, a great culture flourished on the islands known as Haida Gwaii, just off the coast of British Columbia and Alaska. Almost everything we now know about the mythology of this Native American people comes from the transcripts of the linguist and ethnographer John Swanton, who journeyed there in 1901 and spent three and a half years listening to the last great Haida poets, Skaay and Ghandl. Together they created a treasury of oral literature, preserving a mythology rich in imagery, symbolism and philosophy.

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