Abbildung: Three Men in a Boat

Illustrated by Paul Cox, bound in cloth printed and blocked with a design by the artist, set in Bembo, 224 pages, 72 colour illustrations, 12 of which are double-page spreads, printed endpapers, blocked slipcase..



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When Jerome K. Jerome wrote his most famous work, he was a struggling journalist and writer. As soon as it was published he became a literary success beyond his wildest dreams. His publisher printed so many copies he once said, 'I often think that the public must eat them.' Its humour has never tired or staled: the characters of Harris and George (and Montmorency the dog), are as entertainingly recognisable today as they were in the Edwardian age. Jerome K. Jerome's insuperable descriptions of every mishap and anecdote, from packing the hampers to George's attempts at banjo playing (while Montmorency howls steadily) turn this tale of three men boating on the Thames into one of the funniest, best-loved books ever written. Filled with dozens of Paul Cox's inimitable sketches, this is the perfect edition of a book as charming as the very act of messing about in boats.

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