Abbildung: The Sound and the Fury
Abbildung: The Sound and the Fury

Introduced by Stephen M. Ross & Noel Polk with glossary and commentary, bound in blocked cloth, coloured text, colour-coded bookmark, slipcase with printed label, 552 pages..



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Faulkners masterpiece about the decline of the aristocratic Compson family of Jefferson, Mississippi, is taking the modernist narrative devices of stream-of- consciousness, time-shifts and multiple changes of viewpoint to an unprecedented level of sophistication. This edition of Faulkner’s classic work allows the reader to experience The Sound and the Fury as its author always intended. The timelines in the Benjy section of this unique version have each been isolated and assigned a colour, allowing the reader to navigate a fragmented narrative. A specially developed bookmark displaying the colour key is included to assist when cross-referencing between the text in the book, the novel and its commentary.

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