Abbildung: The Elegant Universe
Abbildung: The Elegant Universe

Quarter-bound in cloth with printed paper sides, set in Bembo with Museo display, 480 pages, frontispiece and 16 pages of colour plates, 75 integrated black & white illustrations, plain slipcase..

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‘Greene’s achievement is to make us feel at home in the chillingly abstract world of strings and to convince us that we must take it seriously.’ - Sunday Telegraph In the 20th century Newtonian physics was replaced with two fundamental theories that form the foundation for our understanding of the laws of the universe: Einstein’s general theory of relativity (which accounts for the macroscopic world of the heavenly planets and their motion) and quantum mechanics (which deals with the microscopic world of atomic and subatomic particles). Each theory works perfectly. They just happen to be incompatible with one another. The answer? String theory. Published in series with Chaos: Making a New Science and A Brief History of Time.

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