Abbildung: Manhattan '45
Abbildung: Manhattan '45 Abbildung: Manhattan '45 Abbildung: Manhattan '45 Abbildung: Manhattan '45

Bound in paper Printed and blocked with a design by Neil Gower Set in Deepdene 208 pages Frontispiece and 11 pages of black & white plates 9¿ x 5¾¿.

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Jan Morris’s exuberant and witty love letter to the Manhattan of 1945 effortlessly evokes a time when it was ‘the most hopeful city on earth’.


Travel writer Jan Morris opens her account of New York’s golden age with a dazzling snapshot of the city in a particularly ebullient mood: the Second World War is all but over and the Queen Mary is bringing home thousands of victorious American GIs. Sailing into New York Bay, they are ‘welcomed like a promise of good things’ by a rapturous, flag-waving crowd. After a period of uncertainty the future finally looks bright, and the Manhattan of 1945 is a city at its pinnacle of cultural and economic power, full of people ‘to whom nothing is impossible’. All of which was in stark contrast to London, Paris and much of the rest of the world, where the terrible consequences of war were still very much apparent.


Manhattan ’45 features 12 pages of atmospheric black and white plates, including photography from acclaimed American photographers such as Andreas Feininger and the aforementioned Weegee. At the author’s request, this edition is prefaced by the Walt Whitman poem ‘Mannahatta’.

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