Abbildung: Hide my Eyes
Abbildung: Hide my Eyes Abbildung: Hide my Eyes

Bound in Elephanthide paper printed and blocked with a design by the artist, set in Utopia with Victoria display, 224 pages, Frontispiece and 6 colour illustrations.

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A grisly spectre of murder and greed hangs unseen over the tiny corner of London known as Garden Green. Brought in to investigate a number of apparently unconnected disappearances, Albert Campion finds himself faced with a series of ever more disparate clues: a country bus with a pair of unusual passengers parked outside a London theatre; a lizard-skin lettercase; a left-handed glove. Over the course of a single day, he must race to stop a singularly ruthless killer whose own complex web of deceit threatens to destroy those closest to him. This taut novel is Margery Allingham at her best. More truthfully a psychological thriller than a whodunnit, Hide My Eyes contains in abundance all the elements this ‘Queen of Crime’ was celebrated for: sharply observed characters, unparalleled psychological depth and a thrilling portrait of London in all its shadowy glory. As the reader follows the misdeeds of the man known to some as Jeremy, they witness both the unmasking of a monster and the growing terror of those he has ensnared with his charms. Allingham was never satisfied with a simple portrait of criminality; in the midst of this page-turning mystery, she presents a deeper horror – the evil that can be perpetrated when good people choose to believe a comforting lie, rather than the chilling truth. Produced in series with our two best-selling Allingham editions, The Tiger in the Smoke and Traitor’s Purse, Hide My Eyes features illustrations by Romanian artist Alexandru Savescu. Longlisted twice in the illustrious Book Illustration Competition, Savescu has provided a series of exquisitely moody images that expertly capture the novel’s sense of creeping dread. Paired with a smart burgundy slipcase and a binding that hints at the mysteries within, this edition is a must have for any crime aficionado.

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