Abbildung: Anne of Avonlea - Band 2
Abbildung: Anne of Avonlea - Band 2 Abbildung: Anne of Avonlea Abbildung: Anne of Avonlea Abbildung: Anne of Avonlea

Bound in blocked cloth. Set in Fournier 240 pages 9 colour illustrations, 7 mono tailpieces 9¿x 6¾¿ Plain slipcase.



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In her 1908 novel, Anne of Green Gables, L. M. Montgomery created one of the best-loved heroines in children’s literature. Spirited and open-hearted, impulsive and determined, Anne Shirley is admired the world over. In this sequel, a teenaged Anne becomes a teacher and helps her guardian Marilla to raise six-year-old orphaned twins. While she thrives in her new grown-up roles, Anne is still impetuous and wilful – and prone to anxiety over her freckled nose. Anna C. Leplar’s charming illustrations show a young woman whose efforts to be sophisticated are often thwarted by finding herself in embarrassing scrapes.

‘There … down in the brook … that old green, mossy log with the water flowing over it in those smooth ripples that look as if they’d been combed … Oh, it’s the most beautiful poem I ever saw’

Never one to take the easy way out, Anne strives to remain true to her principles and make good her mistakes – whether she’s arguing against corporal punishment or repenting for accidentally selling a neighbour’s cow. Her stubborn idealism continues to exasperate Marilla, and many an incident leaves Anne ‘flushed and dishevelled’. Her daydreams often baffle her pragmatic friend Diana, but Anne is always searching for ‘kindred spirits’, and happy to discover so many as she grows. Among them is Miss Lavendar Lewis, the enigmatic lady who lives in an ivy-covered house in the woods, and whose life Anne will help to transform …

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